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The Toronto Institute of Music for the Blind is a non-profit organization that serves as an educational hub providing blind and/or visually impaired children with the resources to learn and perform music.

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About Our Mission


WHAT Do We Do?

The Toronto Institute of Music for the Blind (TIMB) is a Registered Canadian Non-Profit Corporation -

12613654 Canada Institute - that strives to connect and educate blind children and individuals in learning music.


Founded in January of 2021, We believe our organization will change the lives of young children born blind as well as those diagnosed with ocular conditions by helping them pursue their musical passions.


Education Grants and Donations given to TIMB will be fully directed towards hiring specialized teachers and providing the appropriate resources to educate and guide visually impaired children towards a musical upbringing. 

WHY This Foundation?

This Foundation is personal and close to my heart after enduring 16+ eye surgeries since I was diagnosed with cataracts at the age of 12. The complications that followed led to ocular procedures to treat multiple retinal detachments in both my eyes, corneal transplants, glaucoma, and dislocated IOL, resulting in periods of months where I was totally blind.

Being able to turn to playing the violin and piano changed my outlook on life, motivated me to become a musician, and helped me realize that even if I was to go blind one day, I would still be a musician. I would still be an artist. 


This realization was life-changing for a young teen struggling with constant vision loss.

About 1,500,000 Canadians today experience sight loss. The loss of eyesight causes a substantial social and economic toll for millions including significant suffering, disability, loss of productivity, and diminished quality of life. 

With the proper resources and support from Sponsors, our Foundation will expose children to learning instruments such as piano, violin, guitar, and learning music without having to read music, empower them through regional outreaches, and encourage them through consistent and confident nurturing of their inner musical potential. 

The sky is the limit. 

My Story

About The Founder

Stelth Ng founded TIMB in the hopes of connecting blind patients with the opportunities to learn and perform music through educational and outreach programs in the Greater Toronto Area. 

His experiences with childhood vision loss and subsequent inspiration through learning music during his eye surgeries has inspired him to change the lives of patients who suffer from loss of eyesight and irreversible ocular conditions.

He has performed for low vision and blind patients at

The Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation

as well as in collaboration with the

CNIB: Canadian National Institute for the Blind

The reactions to live music, especially by those who suffer from loss of eyesight was an overwhelming and inspiring experience, one that our Foundation hopes to grow and spread in the coming years.

Music is healing. Music is inspiring. It can change our mood and motivate us to become more than we are. 

Read More about Stelth and his

Musical & Film Work Here

Read More about Stelth's Journey with

Vision Loss Here


“For a few months after having surgery on both eyes, I was completely blind."


"Playing the violin and piano lifted me out of my depression. 

I want to find a way to help visually-impaired children experience music."

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Sponsor a Visually Impaired/Blind Child's Musical Education Today!


"Feel the Music,

     Envision Your Voice."


"The most important sense in playing music is our touch.

Then our hearing. Then our sight."


 - Professor Marietta Orlov

Professor Marietta Orlov, a famous late pedagogue at

The University of Toronto, once said that the most important

sense we have for playing music is at our fingertips. 




"Just because someone lacks the use of their eyes

doesn't mean they lack vision."

- Stevie Wonder



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